Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The View From Parque Juarez

Last November we moved from Parque Juarez, where we rented for eight months, to a beautiful home which we bought, once we decided we couldn't leave San Miguel as soon as  we had originally planned.  The city takes its hold on you almost immediately.  You feel that you have been here forever, and also that you just arrived.  So now, from our new house in La Aldea, I say adios to our life on the park.  In memoriam: "The rooftop terrace on our house on Diezmo Viejo in San Miguel de Allende looks out over Parque Juarez. Basketball leagues, Saturday morning zumba, bike riders, dog walkers, balloon vendors, ice cream men, tienda keepers, Tai Chi instructors, kids, high school bands, grandparents, lovers, and skateboarders all use the park as their backyard.  At dusk when the blackbirds come out and the garzas flock to the trees in the chorro above us, it feels like the happiest place in the world."  Only our physical address has changed.  The city is still this incredibly happy place.

Zumba on a Saturday morning in the park.
The boys with the police horse in front of our house on Diezmo Viejo.

The boys swimming with friends in the park.  A no-no, it turns out.

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