Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Color of Mexico

Agave in the fields of a sisal plantation in the Yucatan (photo taken through my new polarized sunglasses)

"Must be surreal surrounded by all those colors all the time," wrote my friend Jorie today in an email from the States.  She was commenting on some photos we had taken during our summer in the Yucatan. It never really occurred to me, beyond the gorgeous blue mornings, the terracotta and mustard buildings, the huge clouds--see-through yet so very white--and all the red, white and green trappings of nationalism, just how right she is, just how much color there is in Mexican daily life.  Here there is almost no black--not in dress, not in storefronts, not in fabrics.
Building and star on Tenerias in San Miguel de Allende
Our friend's baby napping at the water park (the fork is so that no one steps on him)
The boys with local weavers in Zinacatun, Chiapas
Graffiti in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas
Beans in the market in San Cristobal
Typical shop on the andador (pedestrian wallkway), San Cristobal

Fruit stand in San Cristobal
Harvesting sisal at a plantation outside of Merida, Yucatan
"Tahiti" in the town of Bacalar, Quintana Roo
Roadside chicken in Bacalar
The pastel houses of Campeche
A church in the Yucatan
Everyone's favorite view in San Miguel, looking north on Aldama
Beaded bracelets at the artisans market, San Miguel
Cinco de Mayo Parade in Puebla
Random saint in Puebla
Castillos (fireworks towers) in the jardin in San Miguel


  1. Ann - these pictures are fantastic. That picture of the boys in front of the textiles is amazing. Those textiles are amazing!

    Your textile loving friend,


  2. PS - might be a good Christmas card picture?