Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Flamingos of Rio Lagartos

July 2: Decided to take a day trip from Valladolid to the sleepy little town of Rio Lagartos, on the Gulf, exactly an hour north.  Thought it might be a bust after our rather odd drive along the rest of this same coast, west of here.  But it turned out to be a real highlight of the trip.  Sam has never been on safari, nor seen a pack of one animal, represented by the thousands, so he was particularly thrilled with our adventure.
The boat trip took us past a salt factory that still exports tons of salt around the world every year, as well as mud baths, where the kids got off the boat and slathered themselves.  This was a traditional natural remedy for Mayans to fight mosquitoes and the heat.

Some of the flamingos we encountered.

Next stop: A deserted island.

And finally, one last cenote at the town swimming hole.

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