Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Mason has continued his trend of saying some unusual things, often out of nowhere.  I haven't been as good about writing them down, but a few stick out.  Yesterday, a blind woman was walking in the street, tapping her cane against the curb to feel her way down the road.  Mason asks, "Is that woman going golfing?"

"How can human beings balance when they only have two feet?" 9-25-09

Out of the total blue (we were not having a conversation about history, about the U.S., about anything), Mason asks, "Do you think George Washington had a happy life?"

There a favorite roasted chicken place in San Miguel called Pollo Feliz. Some of the Americans call it the Happy Chicken (a literal translation).  Driving past it Mason asked, "Why is the chicken happy if he know he's going to get cooked?"

Classic Expressions and Questions from Mason, Aged 4

“But who made the sun?  Who had the idea to have the sun? [God.] And how does he make the sun not work when it’s dark?”  So I explain the sun and the basic principles of the solar system, using a globe and pointing out how America and China are on opposites sides of the world (even though he still believes that we are “up” and China is “down.”)  “So, there’s light in China because they don’t have light when we have light.  If it just stayed in the middle then all of us would have light.  But if it went down, then China would have all the light.”  8/23/08

“Once Reddy’s weenie was all straight and I shot it with a water gun a couple of times and then it wasn’t straight anymore.”  8/20/08

“Why don’t shadows have eyes and teeth?”  8/16/08

"I don’t think the moon has a bunny on it.  It looks like a shrimp.”

“It looks like there’s a drawing inside of my skin.” (Looking at the veins on his wrist.)

Sam returned from a week in Mexico, with a violent case of the turista.  I told the boys that Sam would be so excited to see them as we were driving to the airport to pick him up. Mason’s response: “I hope he’s so excited that the Mexican bug comes
flying out of him."

“Were rocks alive when the dinosaurs were?   Were birds? And who made us?  Who made bones?”

"We prayed to God for rain but he didn’t give us anything.”

“You know why I don’t like going to friends’ houses?  Cause I’m alone.  And I don’t like being alone.  Alone is a bad word.  It’s the A-word.”  9/3/08

Grammy took the boys to their first church service and gave them some money for the collection basket.  When she told them the money was for Jesus, Mason asked, “Where is he?”  8/31/08

“How does the weatherman know it’s going to rain?”  8/30/08

"Will Grammy still be alive when I'm big?  9/7/08

"The brain looks like a person inside of a bag.”  9/7/08

"Why don’t people make funerals for ants?  9/10/08

After hearing a child crying in another aisle of the grocery store: “The problem with babies crying is they interrupt your daydreams.”  October 2008


“Why does this song say you’ll live forever when you won’t?  Maybe they just tell you that so you’ll be happy.” 12/22/08, hearing a Christmas song on the radio"

“If Chase had a baby girl (pronounced “grail”) and she grew, she could be another mother for him.”  On a classmate of Bo’s that lost his mother to cancer.

A conversation about heaven with Redding and Mason, 1/14/09, who believe that heaven is a place above us that floats, where your spirit or soul goes after you die, and where you get everything that you want.  “So we could have a floating bed and meet Del [Sam's dad]?”  Mason asked.  “Is there such a things a Second Heaven, or Third Heaven?” Reddy asked.  "What does that mean?" I asked them.  “People that are older, and have been there longer, go up higher, to another heaven.  Since they’re already old and we’re young and we’ll be old when we die, they’ll be old for longer so they’ll go up to another place.”  Mason then asked, "Do you ever have a birthday and then turn older in heaven?" (I told them no you stay the same age forever.)  "How do you get up to heaven?  (Your spirit just floats up.)  Bo, chiming in, " I think really good people get a private jet."

“Mom, sometimes when I have bad dreams and I open my eyes, they come out on my walls.  And when I walk out of my room they come with (wis) me.” 2-16-09

"I’m glad presidents were invented so they can stop bad things."  (After talking about Harriet Tubman and Abraham Lincoln.)"

"What happens to the world when everybody dies on it?”  3/9/09

"How does everybody know what your brain looks like?” 3/9/09

MY FAVORITE: “Do you hear that tiny sound?  That’s time going by.”  3/12/09  Mason while making a clicking noise with two magnets.

“Nothing’s alive in here except us,” Mason opines, while driving alone in a car with me.

“Why did the sandman put sand in my butt instead of my eyes?” Mason asks, coming downstairs one early morning.