Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Scenes from the Overprotective Mom

Herewith a few snapshot of the kids, oblivious to the amount of freedom they have, completely unaware that perhaps their mom isn't so bad after all.

It's called the Tower of Terror and they leave you up
there for a good 5-8 minutes, even when a tornado is
on the horizon.   I'm actually up there with Mason andRedding.
It's the worst ride I've ever been on.  And the drop is just as awful
as you might expect.

A cenote (underground swimming hole) in the Yucatan.
This is actually accessible only a long flight of stone stairs that come down
to the water through a hole in the ground at the top, where a little bit of light shines in.

It's so dark the dust inside looks like snowflakes to my camera.

Roasting sausages at a family picnic.  No adult supervision.

Climbing down into a swimming hole that spills out into
a raging river.

The bear on our path in Glacier National Park.  
Redding and Mason buried under mounds of bubble bath.  Ok
if I had know they were doing this beforehand I would have
put my foot down. It wasn't our bath, or our bubbles.
Maosn at the county fair.  Step inside plastic ball, inflate with
leaf blower, seal opening with duct tape and roll around
in a baby pool until you have to cry uncle and are released.
Same fair.  Acrobatics on the bungy cords.
Really and truly: At Mason's Waldorf School you are required
to participate in a Day of Challenges, including
jumping over a burning rope which has been soaked in kerosene
and light. I only saw one boy get burned and it wasn't Mason. 

Bare-chested and barefoot on Troncones Beach.

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