Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Range at Playa Troncones

Cookie Dutch, Redding, and Mason, flying down the beach

Still reeling from the vertigo brought on my still-unexplained crash to the sidewalk in late July, our family headed to the closest beach to San Miguel, Troncones, with the Dutch family caravaning behind us.  We rented two houses in a beach front hacienda called Casa de la Sirena, each with a pool and only about 10 yards from the ocean.  Lots of folks from San Miguel go to Troncones but we had never been.  What a fantastic spot.  Only one red-dirt road that runs parallel to the sea and a jungle of moutainous, completely undeveloped terrain behind you.

The view from our balcony at Casa de la Sirena
The kids ran completely free range and untethered for a week: riding horseback on the beach, playing escondidas until the sun went down, body surfing their way around the rather rock-strewn coastline, drinking chocolate milkshakes at a beach hut, finding turtle eggs, and eating for the first time shark ceviche made by Boobie from fish taken straight out of the sea.

Breakfast at Present Moment Resort, next door to our house

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