Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dog Day Afternoon

Mayú, six months pregnant, in a random tableau with VW
One random Sunday in September the dog lovers among our friends (I do not include myself in this group, though I like their owners very much) decided to gather at the Presa, just south of town, for a romp with their pets.  Because no one here has any relatives, or generally any obligations whatsoever (no sports teams, no work events, no family dinners) we're all pretty much game to get together at a moment's notice.  And that's when things turn out so well.

Mi guapo esposo, Sam
Jenny Hensley, Jamie Guerkink

We spent the day at the water's edge, with the mesquite trees behind us, the huizaches all around, and the local shepherds tending their flocks on the edges of our make-shift Capture-the-Flag field.  Kids versus parents, and the parents didn't give an inch.

Marky & Will Hensley, Matthew & Russell Matchett and Bo
Jenny leading Bo to jail

None of the kids fought, the tequila never gave out, and the strange campesino in a shirt that was bloodier and more stained each time he arrived looking for beer, snapped his leather belt at the dogs but never connected.
Ok, so we enabled him a little with two cold Tecates.  But we drew the line when he came back for thirds.

The free-range cattle add a little spice to the game.
Jenny, taking two for the team
The castle that everyone loves to speculate about

The shepherd boys with their flock

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  1. Nothing says "a day in the country" like a drunk bloody stranger (or a bloody drunk stranger) passing through the scene.

    Anton Chekov