Monday, October 8, 2012

Walking to School in San Miguel

After a oddly rainy September October has burst upon us with San Miguel's normal radiance.  The morning light in unbelievable.  Some times you can catch it on camera, and some times you just have to enjoy it live.  With all three kids in a new school that's walking distance from the house (La Academia Internacional) and with Sam starting his teaching job later in the day, our mornings are now easy and peaceful and start off with a stroll through San Antonio down Orizaba to La Palma, cross over the San Antonio Church plaza and downhill to Stirling Dickinson.  When we're really organized there's time for tamales and atole with Señora Margarita in her little cement courtyard.

La Palma, the little lane we head up to school.
Our dog, Nacho, running with a street dog in San Antonio Plaza.

Mason, Redd and Bo in front of San Antonio Church

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