Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Funnies from Bo and Mason

Last night Bo came into the kitchen where I was making scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, at 6:00pm.  He looked into the frying pan and asked, "Breakfast for dinner?  Will this merry-go-round existence never end?"

Over the weekend Redding had a tae kwan do tournament in Dolores Hidalgo.  In his first round, first half, he was getting pummeled and when they took a break, the score was 4 to Reddy's 1.  His female coach whispered a few words in his ear and then sent him back out for Round 2.  When it was over, Reddy, who came out like a little tiger, won, 9-8.  On which Mason commented in awe, "She must have given him some good information."

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