Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Visit to the Dentist

Just got my teeth cleaned, polished, and flossed for a reasonable 300 pesos ($24), a short walk from the back of our house, out to the busy street of Canal.  En route home I picked up a stack of tortillas about 2 inches thick (80 cents), hot in their brown paper wrapper.  Walked through San Antonio where I bought a torta with carnitas (roast pork), pickled onions, and salsa, and ran into all the school kids from Nuevo Fuego walking home, still bundled in their uniform dark green, v-neck sweaters and plaid pants or two-piece heavy green gym suit.  It's about 85 degrees outside but Mexican kids never seem to feel the heat.  Last month I got a mammogram at the local hospital ($50) then walked back through some rugged fields with paths cut through them by the wood vendors and their donkeys.  Picked up a couple of prints  at the frame shop, bought a huge bag of limes for margarita juice, and purchased a large, whole chicken from the local polleria.  Another day, no car, no clouds, not a care in the world.

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