Friday, November 26, 2010

New Masonisms

"If someoone shouts in your dream, do you wake up?" -- November 2010

Mason at Moo Duk Kwan, Redding's karate studio:  Redding takes karate classes at a studio five doors down from our back door. At 5:00pm he walks out for his 5:30pm class so that he can get there early and watch the older group before him.  At 6:30pm he walks back to the house down 20 de enero, lets himself in the back door, and sometimes I don't even realize he's gone.  This is my kind of extracurricular.

Mason I went last Wednesday to see him practice.  The instructor, a tall, lean, elegant Mexican, was calling out all kinds of commands, in Spanish.  Uno, dos, grito.  Cambie de mano y cruza. Dos golpeas y patata de frente, un pie arriba, and a whole bunch of other rapid-fire stuff that I couldn't understand.  I asked Mason, "Do you understand all this?"  "Yes."  "Really?"  And then rather disdainfully he said, "He's not speaking Chinese." -- November 2010

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